KolamKita.com Wins Gold in the 2018 Thailand’s Inventor Day

Thailand’s Inventor Day is an international scale competition held by the National Research and Council of Thailand (NRCT). NRCT held Thailand’s Inventor Day 2018 as a challenge for participants to encourage them to solve abstract, difficult and hard problems with the tools they have through inventor competitions. Inventor is a competition to create ideas that are poured into activities that produce inventions, aimed at solving problems in society. This competition is open to all people in the world who care to work together to solve problems in society. Thailand’s inventor day 2018 was held at the BITEC (Bangkok International and Trade Center) on 2-6 February 2018 and 32 countries around the world were participated in and Indonesia was one of the participants.

UGM Fisheries Students also enlivened the event. The KolamKita.com team, chaired by Kharirotul Suhaila (Fisheries 2015) and consisting of Rasyidin Caniago (Fisheries 2016), Sahala Wahyu Wardana (Elins 2016), and Emma Nur Afifah (Computer Science 2014) brought innovation to meet all the needs of aquaculture. KolamKita.com is a social-minded platform that aims to increase production in Indonesia’s freshwater fish farming sector. KolamKita.com services consist of 3 main points, namely providing valid and up-to-date information on fish farming, providing fish farming needs and packages, and providing post-harvest fish marketing services.

KolamKita.com team won awards in the form of gold medals and special awards from the Polish state. The assessment of the gold medal award is conducted by judges who are highly competent in their fields, while the special award is obtained based on the interests of other countries with innovations brought by the KolamKita.com team. This victory is expected to trigger other achievement opportunities for UGM Fisheries students.

KolamKita.com team.
KolamKita.com team from Fisheries UGM.








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